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a Gnome and Gnomewife
(these "poplar" gnomes are residing in Michigan)


Gnome and Gnomewife Gnome and Gnomewife backside

A Gnome and Gnomewife - approx. 6" tall
(see how they bundle each other up?)
(30% body meld)


Card Playing Gnome

I'll Take Three
-nuttin' to do but sit on a stump and play cards
(it IS rare to find a gnome playing cards)


Sentry Gnomes

-these Sentry Gnomes are good luck!
they constantly guard their home against
things you need not know about


Russian Gnome

here is a rare appearance by an Old World Gnome
he was "Russian" to check out the States


Gnome and Gnomewife

Here is a Gnome and Gnomewife joined at the hip
and legs -and head -and -and . . .


Gnome Putting

-another pastime rarely undertaken by Gnomes


skiing on the other hand is a major mode of transportation
a Gnome never "Vail"s his desire to sloop


a handsome Gnome is Aleric
last seen on duty in Texas


Green Gnome Boy

-a Green" Gnome Boy off to a Hike!
(he may be on his way to see the "Wall Gnomes")


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