Gnomes at Work

(Gnomes and Work are synonymous)


The Gnome Artist
he captures nature lest it fade the more


The Gnome Watch
(you know we can use the surveillance these days)


Gnome feeding Duck

a Gnome feeds his brother-of-feather
(no one ever cries fowl over this chore)


 Gnome sawing Boards

-sawing logs has a different meaning to Gnomes . . .
could you please keep it over the placemat?


Gnome Rock Mason

Gnome Rock Mason
(ingredients: cherry, white pine and rock)
(no traces of tree nuts or peanuts)


Gnome on Snail-drawn Cart

Gnome on Snail-drawn Cart
(yes, I know its hard to believe, but this IS a photograph)


a Gnome pulling a Gld Sled
(the special hat has an unknown ethnic symbology)
Frs was carved in 1981


Gnome on Snail-drawn Cart

Gnome on Snail-drawn Cart
-- this is the mouse's squeak . . . chestnut, red oak cart --
-- mahogany bench seating and a very poplar wheel style --


Gnome Chair Maker

Gnome Chair Maker
hardwood handled, pewter-bladed mortising and carving tools


Gnome Board Cutter

Gnome Board Cutter
Gnomes have been heard to exclaim "a froe is not a hairdo"

on to the odd jobs . . .