At present, my Wood Carving projects are limited to personal gifts and special requests from customers.  Gnomes just plain don't like settin' on a shelf!

All you need to do is ask.

This process will insure that Your Gnome or other project will be designed to follow a design or theme you have helped develop and agree on. My lead time is approx. 2 months. (this is an average)

If you enjoy real Gnomes, its worth the planning time.

I can make a Gnome similar to a model, but each Gnome is distinct . . . never a duplicate.

I will relay photos of your project's progress to you thru email.

Basic "Sentry" Gnomes are $90 + shipping
-a Snail Cart and Gnome is $220 + shipping

-this seems a lot like Gnome Slavery

These web pages will have to do as my catalog! Thanx fer lookin'!

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