Wall Gnomes

(Wall Gnomes hang on walls)


-a tenderly sculpted clock for my brother-in-law
2003 - white pine


a very special breakfast for the main mouse
-and it was about time in pine!


a Welcome Plaque
Red Oak


a Gnome and Gnomewife plaque
( tender moments )
-and always a couple thugs standing by!
(note: this was Avery's oak and cherry highchair)


-a beautiful day for a picnic . . . and gnome romance?


Red Oak Mirror and Traveler with Pigs

-a Red Oak Mirror and Traveler with Pigs
(not a Wall Gnome, though a likeable guy)


-a deeply sculpted clock for my sister-in-law
one of my favorites - white pine


a close-up of that kiss!


Nature Hike

Nature Hike
(look at the size of those young Portabellas!)


Let's go see those strapping Gnomes at Work!

Watch for future new future stuff waiting to be fabricated and posted in the
 future near nor far . . . and it shall be new! - in the future! Promise!